About Clothes Hound Clothing Co

Located on historic Whiskey Row in Prescott, Arizona, Clothes Hound Clothing Co. is the essential boutique for unique women's fashion. A virtual clothing wonderland, the 1,200 square foot sore provides Women's Apparel, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, and Accessories.

We offer offer small town uniqueness in each garment. Were proud to carry hard-to-find, top-quality brands and endless amounts of go-to, timeless pieces that make a statement. We firmly believe in the freedom that clothes give us in personal expression and we can't wait for you to discover yours!

Whiskey Row Babes

Having been passionate about fashion my entire life, I have always wanted to own and operate my own store. I acquired the store in September 2011 and immediately found out that I was pregnant - So In addition to opening the new store, I was also expecting my first baby! To say the schedule was going to be busy was an understatement! For the next 4 years I drove out to LA with my family to go on Clothes Hound buying sprees. I would drive my baby around from shop to shop to well, shop! Despite the chaos that sometimes ensued, my passion grew even deeper.

When I had another baby in 2015. My drives to LA were no more. 1 baby at the shows was enough! I am so grateful for all of those visits to LA - It set up my knowledge of everything in the clothing world. I am using my tribal clothes knowledge to share with my customers and hope my customers can feel their best when they have found their perfect outfit(s)!

meet the owner, candy hull!

Our shop mascot and my 3rd baby, Frankie!

We've been established since 2011 and our anniversary is on Acker Night. Clothes Hound loves the art of music and supporting local music!

Clothes Hound has a real mascot named Frankie! She's pictured here and will make you smile every time you come in.

We LOVE mixing new and vintage together to create styles that are timeless and unique at the same time.

Our display window changes every season! Come check it out on Whiskey Row.

Clothes Hound used to be a souvenir shop, a saddle shop and a western wear store.

It's no secret Candy is a dog lover! Her last dogs' names were: Bailey, Tiffany, Tiffy 2, Pepper, Nelly, and Cinnamon.